Wednesday, 27 May 2015

BEWARE OF FRAUDSTERS: How You May Lose Of All The Money In Your Bank Account

The picture above is a snapshot of a fraudulent email circulating online in which the not-so-smart sender pretends is an official email from Paypal. The email title reads “You have many problems in your account” and the sender is “Paypal.” You are then required to click on a link via the email to confirm your details.

Please beware that this email is a complete sham and does not originate from Payal. How do you know?, simply look at the email sender address Paypal will never send you an email with this kind of email address. All paypal official emails must be The aim of this email is to get your paypal login details and hack your account from which they can transfer all the money in your local bank account to theirs. Simply clicking on that link confirms to them that, this is your Paypal email.

PS: This article is a summarized version of the original news