Thursday, 28 May 2015

Don't look for me, I'm in Syria' - girl writes to her devastated mom

Two Kenyan families are ripped apart by the lure of ISIS after receiving a text from their missing daughters apparently now thousands of miles from home to say: "Don't look for me, I'm in Syria." one of the girls wrote to her mum. The woman said her 20 year old daughter Tawfiqua (right) left home on May 13th and never returned. After searching for her for 4 days, she got an alarming message supposedly sent by her daughter, telling her not to look for her anymore as she was in Syria. She had left Kenya with her friend Salwa Abdulla (left).

Tawfiqua's mum told CNN that Tawfiqua came home on that May 13th with Salwa after their day's lessons at a nearby Islamic school. Tawfiqua then told her she wanted to see her friend off but never returned. When she contacted Salwa's parents, they also said they hadn't see their daughter. They began searching for the girls only to get a heartbreaking text four days later which read
"Assalam aleykum cuz, how are you? Am now in Syria ... Tell everyone not to look for me am doing very fine."
"When I received the message, I was shocked," Tawfiqua's mum told CNN. "I fainted, and the entire family, who were with me, was also shocked and cried."
Tawfiqua and Salwa, who were both university students, are described by their families and friends as kind, quiet and devout Muslims. How they got to Syria is a mystery.