Saturday, 23 May 2015

Has Anyone Ever Confronted Obasanjo And Survived?

Am not that much a fan of OBJ, but I have come to discover that there are very few Nigerians who are more vindictive than Obasanjo. Whenever he promised to deal with you, he will make sure it is conclusive.

- He bluntly said Atiku will never become the President of Nigeria. Till date, Atiku's chances is lesser than when OBJ said it.

- Jonathan disappointed him by not sticking to the single term he brokered for him to 2011 election's. Today GEJ is packing his loads out of Aso Rock with any stubbornness.

- Obasanjo has not hidden his interest in Kashamu (the "Alhaji" of Chicago) to be returned to US or UK. Today his house is surrounded by NDLEA.

Add the list of politicians that has had face-to-face and let us know the outcome.