Saturday, 23 May 2015

I Caught My Pastor-husband Unclad, ‘counselling’ A Unclad Church Member —wife

“Starting from today, you cease to be addressed as husband and wife. You shall go your separate ways unmolested.”
“The pastor shall pay the sum of N30,000 to the wife to enable her to start a business to keep body and soul together.”
With the above ruling, Joseph Adewusi, president of Orile-Agege Customary Court in Lagos dissolved the four-year-old marriage of Pastor Segun Fasina and his wife, Abosede.
The petitioner, Pastor Fasina, had filed the suit on March 12, seeking dissolution of their marriage over his wife’s alleged infidelity.
A resident of No.4 Moses Street, Alagba, Orile-Agege, Pastor Fasina told the court that Abosede had lost her sense of dignity and was now smoking and consuming alcohol.
The pastor also said that his wife was troublesome and a gossip. “My wife, Abosede, possesses all the bad habits one can think of. She was accused of stealing a phone in our house. I believe she actually stole it because of her behaviour. She goes to other co-tenants’ apartments to gossip.
“And whenever there is any fight in the house, my wife’s name is always mentioned. As a pastor, I have prayed for her deliverance from the evil acts but my effort was in vain. Since the marriage is childless, we owe each other nothing. So, I want the court to dissolve the union.”
But Abosede, 30, denied the allegations. She said, “My husband is adulterous. He counsels his church members at home, and I discovered that most of them are ladies. He was inside the room counselling a woman when I dashed in. But to my surprise, my husband and the woman were both Unclad in our bed.
“My husband beat me and threw me out of the house. When I reported the case to his father, the man said I should not disturb his son. I am not a drunk. My husband saw me with alcohol that was meant to cleanse my stomach so that I could get pregnant,” she said.
While ruling, the magistrate said the marriage had broken up irreparably.