Saturday, 23 May 2015

True Story Of How Women Get Their Husbands Into Trouble.

This story is true. I cannot stress this point any more.

A woman got into an altercation with a military officer in mufti at the airport. The woman slapped the officer and just as the officer's orderly was about to pounce on the woman for hitting his boss and senior officer in the Nigerian Army, the officer restrained him.

It then dawned on the woman that she had messed up big time. The officer simply told her that 

"madam you are not going any where today until you call your husband here." 

The woman pleaded for forgiveness but the officer simply told her to call her husband that she should count herself lucky that he does not fight women. The woman then called her husband in between tears.

The husband rushed down to meet his wife. On seeing his wife with a strange man and two stern looking soldiers, the man politely asked his wife what the problem was at which point the officer smiled to him and offered him a handshake and introduced himself.

The officer then turned to the woman and said 

"since you don't respect other people's husband, I want you to give your husband the same slap you gave me on both his cheeks." 

The officer warned her that she must give him the same hot slap or else she will repeat it until he was satisfied.

The man did not speak to his wife for over a month.