Thursday, 28 May 2015

You won't get a penny- Bruce Jenner tells stepchildren of the woman in the fatal car crash he was involved in

Bruce Jenner says the adult stepchildren of the woman who died in the Malibu car crash he was involved in don't deserve a penny from him because they didn't lose anything when she died.

Jenner responded to the step kids, 60-year-old Dana and 57-year-old William in new legal docs, saying their thin family connection does not give them the right to sue for wrongful death and wants a judge to throw out the wrongful death lawsuit filed by both of them.

The pair have claimed in the suit filed that they suffered 'great losses' as a result of the February death of their 69-year-old stepmother Kim Howe.
He said William and Dana are grown adults that never depended on their stepmom Kim Howe to pay for essential things in their lives.
Bruce said the accident was a terrible tragedy but not an excuse for William and Dana to cash in on Kim's death.

The lawsuit filed by Redmond and William Howe claims the Olympic gold medalist was negligent when he collided with their stepmother's car. It doesn't specify how much money they are seeking in compensation